Welcome to the Belgian J/80 class site!

The J/80 from J Boats is an exciting, easy to own keelboat, which has been in production for almost thirty years and continues to thrill sailors of all ages and experience. The fleet is competitive, but at the same time extremely friendly. The busy events schedule includes a yearly Flanders Trophy, a Belgian championship weekend, plus a number of club races and trainings throughout the year. So always plenty to get involved with for the racers among you!

If you are looking for serious yet friendly racing, for the fun of sailing a boat that you can cruise as well as race, the J/80 is a super choice.

Why is J/80 racing that fun?

We organize each year a Flanders Trophy with the support of two French clubs from Dunkirk (YCMN and Les Dauphins) and two clubs from Nieuwpoort (VYN and KYCN).
The goal is to bring together the French and Belgian fleets during well organized races over a period of 4 fixed weekends. For more details, check our calendar page!

Besides these nice events, there is also yearly Belgian Championship where we try to identify the quickest Belgian J/80 team of the moment.

There are also Clubraces like the Interponton (VYN) and H-cup (KYCN) races at Nieuwpoort as well as upwind-downwind trainings to prepare for above events.

And of course, we like to discuss our brilliant actions with a beer in the bar afterwards :)

Of course you want to join! But how?

Several options are possible:

  • you will follow some sailing courses and/or join the racing teams of the clubs

  • you already have some sailing experience and socialize with existing teams where places are always available for nice and engaged people :)

  • you buy a boat and will be very happy to enjoy one design racing at an "affordable" price compared to a lot of other classes. The fleet exists out of 20 boats and we are happy to welcome new owners!